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Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic Kit for sale.

Specialized pipeline adopts PVC-U drinking water pipe, safe, environmentally friendly, hygienic.

If you are looking for a rewarding garden DIY project this is the place to be. they all come with printed instructions on how to use them to maximize plant health, growth, and yields, plant will be more nutritious and better-tasting than soil-gardened produce.

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If you are looking for a cost effective way to grow crops in hydroponic culture that requires less water, less space, and makes it easier to control …. we have the solution.



Very simple to assemble and use, perfect for beginners! Growing plants in hydroponics requires less water, less space, and pests and diseases are more easily controlled and prevented.



This hydroponic station growth kit, UV stable, food grade reservoirs maximize plant health, growth, and yields, plant will be more nutritious and better-tasting than soil-gardened produce.



No experience needed. It is easy to take care of, no land and no need to clear weeds, saving time and effort. This hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening.

hydroponics kit store online

What can you grow with hydroponics?

Suitable for leafy vegetables in home, garden and office, such as lettuce, herb, celery, cabbage, etc. The system produces high quality vegetables, herbs, melons and berries – with a yield of 45 days! – More nutritious and tasty is to be delivered directly to system roots as products of soil garden, oxygenated water and nutrients

Place must be exposed to sufficient sunshine for at least 4 hours a day. If there is not enough sunshine, this leads to a malnutrition of the vegetables.

Lettuce is a top choice for hydroponic gardeners as it requires little space, little attention and you can harvest leaves as it grows. You’ll get your first harvest in a matter of weeks when you can enjoy the rewards of your first crispy crop. Lettuce is a very low calorie veg that contains phyto-nutrients that possess health promoting and disease preventing properties. Rich in vitamins A, C and K and contains minerals such as iron, calcium magnesium and potassium which are essential for body metabolism.

Vining plants such as tomatoes are ideal for indoor gardens as they require a small amount of ground space and you’ll have room to train them up to the ceiling. Being able to watch and control the nutrients the plant received enables the grower to enjoy a continuous harvest all year long without sacrificing taste. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamins A, C and folic acid. They contain strong antioxidants that help protect against the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

How to maintain the hydroponic reservoir?

Cleaning a hydroponic system regularly is a crucial part of maintaining a successful operation because it keeps a system free of pests and diseases.

After completely sterilizing the entire grow room growers should clean the nutrient solution reservoir. It is done by emptying the reservoir, filling it back up halfway and using a deluded bleach solution for an effective clean, ensuring there is no solid material buildup in the tubing. Reservoir cleaning is usually done every two to three weeks, but cleaning frequency depends on how busy an operation is. Clogging can also be avoided by opening the valves for a few seconds once a week.

Scrubbing down the buckets or grow trays also is important in the cleaning process to avoid pathogen buildup. This process is simple and can be done by using a scrubby and 10 percent bleach solution. A grower would apply the bleach and scrub until they are spotless and then rinse them out to finalize the process. This is usually done after each growing season or after every harvest.

There it is, a few helpful tips that any grower can use to run a successful hydroponic growing system. Maintain a healthy growing environment, ensure good water quality, implement a fertigation system, choose an effective growing medium, clean the system regularly, and you’ll find your operation set up for success.